[Advaita-l] : Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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>>  This episode of supernatural trick could only at the best belittle the
> stature of sanyAsi & celibate shankara.  It only proves that, shankara, a
> brahmachAri / saNyAsi, just to answer an irrelevant question of
> ubhayabhArati and to get a 'practical' experience of kAma shAtra violated
> the saNyAsi/yati dharma & could not follow the brahmacharya in vAcha &
> manasa.  mAdhaveeya mentions that even after the 'purpose' is served,
> shankara in king's body reluctant to return to his original body (as he
> forgotten his true svarUpa !!??) due to attachments & enjoyments he
> experienced in King's body !!
Adi Sankara could not violate Sanyasi Dharma because he was a Jivan
Mukta. For him there is no rule and obligation. He can do whatever he
pleases and it will be correct.
According to you he violated Sanyasi Dharma when he cremated his
mother's body. But why are you not objecting to that cremation?
Because you think he showed respect for his mother? This type of
thinking is double standards. When he cremated his mother he did a
good thing but when he enjoyed in King's body he did a bad thing. This
type of judgement of Adi Sankara is wrong. We have accept whatever he
did. We must say it is all good. Because a Jivan Mukta is not bound by
rules of Dharma. He has already reached the highest. He can enjoy
whatever he wants but nothing will take away his Moksha already

> But we have to do very Sukshma Vichara to analyse this story and not
> avoid discussion.
>>  As sri vidya prabhuji observed, we should realize that these episodes &
> exaggerations of the same is nothing but mere poetic expressions of the
> author who wants to glorify the hero of the biography.  Too much reading
> into these episodes would only lead to more disaster.
We have to do Sukshma Vichara because the mother cremation episode is
also there. We have to compare the two and conclude correctly.

> Sri Sunil is saying Vajroli will pull in lost seed and protect
> Brahmacharya. But we have to see seed loss was happening in the King's
> body but not Adi Sankara's body.
>>  But this 'seed loss' in King's body is due to shankara's sanyAsi
> buddhi/mana which did the parakAya pravesha in King's body to learn the
> nuances of kAma shAstra, is it not?? what does it mean?? vajroli could
> prevent the semen loss but what happened to brahmacharya paripAlana in
> vAcha & manasa which is also equally important alongwith kAya??
You are correct Vacha and Manasa are important for ordinary Sanyasi.
But Adi Sankara was not ordinary. For him there is no loss of
Brahmacharya in any body either King's body or his own body. But  he
did Vajroli to teach and guide others not like him. The Parakaya
Pravesha episode is a Leela of Adi Sankara only. Cremation of mother's
body is also a Leela only. We cannot question him.

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar



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