[Advaita-l] : Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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Hare Krishna

Adi Sankara could not violate Sanyasi Dharma because he was a Jivan

>  yes, he cannot violate yati dharma coz. he is the role model for all 
the ordinary sanyAsi-s.  Moreover, whatever these shreshta-s would do, 
become the pramANa for the ordinary mortals like us.  yadyadAcharati 
shreshtaH......sa yat pramANam kurute lOkastadanu vartate, says lord in 

For him there is no rule and obligation. He can do whatever he
pleases and it will be correct.

>  This is not correct, a jnAni would not violate any prakruti niyama & 
does not engage himself in any adhArmic whims & fancies, so, a jnAni, just 
being the jnAni, would not do anything that violates the rules & 
obligations.  Shankara himself says this in sUtra bhAshya. 

According to you he violated Sanyasi Dharma when he cremated his mother's 
body. But why are you not objecting to that cremation? Because you think 
he showed respect for his mother? This type of thinking is double 
standards. When he cremated his mother he did a good thing but when he 
enjoyed in King's body he did a bad thing. This
type of judgement of Adi Sankara is wrong. We have accept whatever he did. 
We must say it is all good. Because a Jivan Mukta is not bound by rules of 
Dharma. He has already reached the highest. He can enjoy whatever he wants 
but nothing will take away his Moksha already gained.

> then what makes him this jeevan mukta to forget his svarUpa in king's 
body??  why he is reluctant to come out from king's body?? why his shishya 
padmapAda has to remind & request him for the return??  If you are really 
sincere in doing the sUkshma vichAra analysis in mAdhaveeya & other 
prachalita biographies, you have to answer these questions also without 
blindly accepting these as factual incidents and granting all rights to 
bhagavatpAda in the name of jeevanmukti. 

You are correct Vacha and Manasa are important for ordinary Sanyasi.
But Adi Sankara was not ordinary. For him there is no loss of
Brahmacharya in any body either King's body or his own body. But  he
did Vajroli to teach and guide others not like him. The Parakaya
Pravesha episode is a Leela of Adi Sankara only. Cremation of mother's
body is also a Leela only. We cannot question him.

>  if you have already realized that all these episodes are his leela and 
he is really not affected by this, then you should have not raised the 
questions like whether his stUla shareera or sUkshma shareera affected by 
seed loss, etc.  The sUkshma vichAra vimarshe not at all required for the 
person who has faith in his Acharya & his leela mAtra vinOda.  But you are 
still asking the questions and want to do the analysis on these episodes, 
that means you are not ready to accept these as mere leela for the 
guidance to others.  So, when you are freely questioning & analysing the 
'veerya skhalana' and usage of vajrOli in shankara's sUksha body, you are 
not supposed to ask other person to stop asking questions on the 
credibility of these episodes. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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