[Advaita-l] Books on Bhagawatham.

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It was Anasuya maata, wife of Atri Maharshi that blessed Sita with more

There are certain ornaments which the sumangaLis should never part with which.  Among
such ornaments is chUDAmaNi also apart from nosestud, ear rings, anklets, mangaLasUtra, seemantha AbharaNa etc. Mother Sita being sumangaLi, pativratA and lakSmi swarUpa, She wore only those ornaments that bore the mark of saumAngaLya.  
The ornaments & vastra presented by sati anasUyA are *divya* AbharaNAs which only Mother Sita could withstand it's power.  It was used by anasUya who was a pativratA. So, while presenting Her ornaments to Mother Sita, She transferred Her tapObala and pAtivratya shakti in Sita and gave AshirvAda saying that these would protect your pAtivratya dharma when you are in troubles.  See the words of blessings by anasUya:
mayA dattamidaM sItE tava gAtrANi shObhayEt
anurUpaM saMkliSTaM nityamEva bhaviSyati

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