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Thanks Sriram ji for this beautiful reference and explanation.

Thanks Sarma ji too.


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> Namaste,
> ///
> It was Anasuya maata, wife of Atri Maharshi that blessed Sita with more
> ornaments.
> //
> There are certain ornaments which the sumangaLis should never part with
> which.  Among
> such ornaments is chUDAmaNi also apart from nosestud, ear rings, anklets,
> mangaLasUtra, seemantha AbharaNa etc. Mother Sita being sumangaLi,
> pativratA and lakSmi swarUpa, She wore only those ornaments that bore the
> mark of saumAngaLya.
> The ornaments & vastra presented by sati anasUyA are *divya* AbharaNAs
> which only Mother Sita could withstand it's power.  It was used by anasUya
> who was a pativratA. So, while presenting Her ornaments to Mother Sita, She
> transferred Her tapObala and pAtivratya shakti in Sita and gave AshirvAda
> saying that these would protect your pAtivratya dharma when you are in
> troubles.  See the words of blessings by anasUya:
> mayA dattamidaM sItE tava gAtrANi shObhayEt
> anurUpaM saMkliSTaM nityamEva bhaviSyati
> regs,
> sriram

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