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Radhe krishna

Shri.RV, regarding your query on availability of MP3 on Bhagavatha Moolam.  I hope 
you are looking in for recitation of all the shlokas of Shrimad Bhagavatham.  If 
this is what you require, you may please enquire sishyas of Shri.Krishnapremi 
MahaprabhuNah in Madras or elsewhere why would help you in getting the CD.

Sir, I was observing discussions in this thread.  I am getting doubts with respect 
to explanations given about bakthi lakshanas.  Per se, Bakthi has been described 
by Narada & Sandilya in Narada Bakthi Suthra & Sandilya Bakthi Sutra. 

Regarding your observation, “I tend to go with SBh which says Bakti is a 
Manovrtti” --  Could you please share the context, Skanda, adyaya and shloka

Verse 1.02 & 1.03 of Narada Bakthi suthra says :-

sA tvasmin paramapremarUpA

Bakthi is, indeed, the highest state of (devotional) love of this (Lord)


It is the very essence of the ocean of Immortality (amrita)

Again under 4.01 & 4.02 of NBS under prema nirvachana adhyaya while defining 
Prema, Narada says :-

anirvaCanIyam premasvarUpam

PremasvarUpam can not be explained


(an effort to explain prema is like) a dumb trying to express

“In the highest stage of Bhakti, there is realisation "I am He"” -  Sir, could you 
please share the source for making out this point

Under Adhyaaya 5 verse verse 16, while giving out ekAdasa bakthi bhavas, the 10th 
bhava is mentioned as “tanmayatAsakti”.  But I doubt, whether the same can be 
construed as “I am he”.  

Shri.RV or other members of the list may throw light on the ways bakthi is being 
described in the discussions, like “it is manovritti” and at highest stage it is 
“I am he”. 

Ofcourse, “MokSha” in advaita paribasha and how it is erroneously construed in the 
discussions had been pointed out by Sh.Ramesh Krishnamurthy.
Radhe krishna

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