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> Regarding your observation, “I tend to go with SBh which says Bakti is a
> Manovrtti” --  Could you please share the context, Skanda, adyaya and
> shloka

RV: SBh 3.29.11-12 describes it as manogati. Madhusudana takes it as
manovrtti or the reflection of Lord on melted mind and non-different from
the Lord just as akhandakara vrtti is the reflection Brahman on desireless
mind and non-different from Brahman. Please refer Bhaktirasayana. The
gaudiya vaishnavas also say bhakti is a mano vrtti but say that it is
caused by the antaranga shakti of the Lord, non-different from Him and
personified as Radha. Madhusudana equates bhakti to the Lord Himself.

> “In the highest stage of Bhakti, there is realisation "I am He"” -  Sir,
> could you
> please share the source for making out this point
> Please refer Gudartha Dipika Ch 18. Or Bhaktirasayana. There are SBh and
upanishad references.


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