[Advaita-l] Future births

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Nov 22 07:34:27 CST 2012

In advaita, after realisation, the dEha continues till it drops off.  Since, the jnAni's dEha (of advaita) continues to exist, they say that such an existence is due to prArabdha.  
Now, great wars have been waged between the two parties regarding the dEha-dhAraNa of
Some say that jnAni has to experience his prArabdha karma (prArabdhaM anubhOktavyaM) and some say the term prArabdha for jnAni has been coined to 
explain to the ignorant people the jnAni's state of existence even after realisation (ajnAni jana bOdhArthaM prArabdhaM iti uchyatE).
So, prArabdha is there, if we analyse the existence from ajnAni's mind and is not there from jnAni's point of view.  For him, there is neither bhOktrutva nor kartrutva. 
I have not comments from dvaitin's point of view which is out of the scope of discussion.

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