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Good understanding.

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> Namaste,
> In advaita, after realisation, the dEha continues till it drops off.
> Since, the jnAni's dEha (of advaita) continues to exist, they say that such
> an existence is due to prArabdha.
> Now, great wars have been waged between the two parties regarding the
> dEha-dhAraNa of
> jnAni.
> Some say that jnAni has to experience his prArabdha karma (prArabdhaM
> anubhOktavyaM) and some say the term prArabdha for jnAni has been coined to
> explain to the ignorant people the jnAni's state of existence even after
> realisation (ajnAni jana bOdhArthaM prArabdhaM iti uchyatE).
> So, prArabdha is there, if we analyse the existence from ajnAni's mind and
> is not there from jnAni's point of view.  For him, there is neither
> bhOktrutva nor kartrutva.
> I have not comments from dvaitin's point of view which is out of the scope
> of discussion.
> regs,
> sriram
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