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In shAstrA we go by pramAnA only and individual rendering is considered as
point of view!!
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> //
> I must have been around in a different body and was perhaps not in to
> Vedanta then.
> If I met, I would have asked him and  trust he would have appreciated
> pursuit of truth. If there were other verses, we should know what Lord
> Krishna
> //
> The copy of ancient bhagavat gita is with me and i have gone through it.
> An IAS officer turned self-styled god man in Hyderabad had published the
> telugu version.  Here it is:
> http://books.google.co.in/books/about/Ancient_Bhagavad_Gita.html?id=d9MfAAAAIAAJ
> Nothing much to learn from this publication except negative remarks and
> comments on our traditional scholars.  He says that the prakshipta in BG
> was noticed by Shri Abhinava Gupta and Bhagavat Ramanuja.  Ramanuja seems
> to have commented on the sangraha bhAga, the copy of which he
> received Yamunacharya.
> So, nothing much to learn from the prakshiptAs.
> That said, to "understand the available text of BG correctly" by
> understanding the Acharya hridaya itself would take one's lifetime.  Prof.
> VK Ji narrated an incident to us sometime back.
> When a certain scholar approached Shri Tethiyur Sastrigal for
> clarification and said "shastrigal ! i have not understood 3 slokas of BG ;
> kindly explain them".
> Shri Tethiyur Sastrigal exclaimed that it is good that you have understood
> rest of the 697 slokas whereas i am struggling with all the 700 slokas to
> understand !!
> regs,
> sriram
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