[Advaita-l] Bhagavad GIta - 745 Verses

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Dear Venkata Sriramji,

It seems you have not read the book "ancient bhagavat gita", which you say you have. I will request you to count the total number of verses in that book and also to count the number of verses spoken by each of the speakers and tally these with what should the counts be according to the sloka of Vaishampayana. That self-styled IAS godman had just copied his book from another book published from Gujarat in the early 20th century. The original Bhagavad Gita with exactly 745 verses and conforming exactly to the specifications given in the sloka of Vaishampayana has not yet been published. 

Secondly it is strange that Shri Tethiyur Sastrigal is struggling with all the 700 slokas to understand. Please ask him to pray to Lord Krishna and read the Sankarabhashya on the Bhagavad Gita once more and supplement that, if necessary, with one reading of the Subodhini bhashya of Sridha swami. I am sure he will be able to understand at least some of the verses. With faith in Lord Krishna and reading the bhashyas of Adi Sankaracharya and Sridhara Swami severaal times,eventually he should be able to understand what Lord Krishna Was telling Arjuna. Let him not be so pessimistic.

Sunil KB

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I must have been around in a different body and was perhaps not in to Vedanta then. 
If I met, I would have asked him and  trust he would have appreciated pursuit of truth. If there were other verses, we should know what Lord Krishna 
The copy of ancient bhagavat gita is with me and i have gone through it.  An IAS officer turned self-styled god man in Hyderabad had published the telugu version.  Here it is:
Nothing much to learn from this publication except negative remarks and comments on our traditional scholars.  He says that the prakshipta in BG was noticed by Shri Abhinava Gupta and Bhagavat Ramanuja.  Ramanuja seems to have commented on the sangraha bhAga, the copy of which he received Yamunacharya.
So, nothing much to learn from the prakshiptAs. 
That said, to "understand the available text of BG correctly" by understanding the Acharya hridaya itself would take one's lifetime.  Prof. VK Ji narrated an incident to us sometime back.  
When a certain scholar approached Shri Tethiyur Sastrigal for clarification and said "shastrigal ! i have not understood 3 slokas of BG ; kindly explain them".
Shri Tethiyur Sastrigal exclaimed that it is good that you have understood rest of the 697 slokas whereas i am struggling with all the 700 slokas to understand !!  
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