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Many years and centuries back the Dvaitis and Visistadvaitis
quarrelled with Advaitis. Not only that but also there was quarrelling
in Maths also. Sringeri Math followers are quarelling with Kanchi Math
followers. Like this in Dvaitis also one Math is quarrelling with
other Dvaiti Maths. In Srivaisnavas the Vadagalai group is quarrelling
with Tengalai. One person told me where there are Brahmins there will
always be quarrelling. Even if two Brahmins are there they will
quarrel. Why Brahmins are quarreling so much? Why a Brahmin wants to
find faults in other Brahmins so much? We must stop it.

Today we should have Broad Mind to say we are all Brahmins. All
Brahmins must be united.Today people from other castes are getting
more education and jobs than Brahmiins because of  reservation
system.I heard in learning Sanskrit also non Brahmins are coming up.
Brahmins are suffering very much. When Gandhi was assassinated they
killed many Brahmins. Why? Because Godse was Brahmin.

Vedic studies are suffering because  fathers are not sending sons to
Vedic education. In North India there is a very bad situation. There
are no Purohitas for performing Sraddha in Pitru Paksha.

We should unite all Brahmins and preserve our culture and stop quarrelling.

> On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 11:45 PM, Sunil Bhattacharjya <
> sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> The Davitins and Visistadvaitins cannot realize that till the Videhamukti
>> (ie. till
>> the parting with the Vyavaharika existence) the Advaitins appreciate the
>> following of the Vyavaharika  norms, as set out in the
>> dharma/neeti-shastras
>> while at the same time aspiring for the realization of the paramarthika
>> Satya.
>> Regards,
>> Sunil KB
> It is a pity that even very learned scholars of Dvaita have made statements
> such as 'when everything is same (for Advaitins) there is no difference
> (for them) between a spouse and a parent. '  One blogger (not Dvaitin) told
> me: 'you can eat excreta since for you both excreta and food are the
> same.'  Such is the dismal understanding of Advaita on their part.  There
> is a Sanskrit saying: 'abaddham paThitvA kuchodyam karoti' - a person
> grasps a subject erroneously and raises inappropriate questions.
> On another count I have it from the authority of top ranking Advaita
> scholars that the objections against Advaita from the other schools is
> solely because of a wrong understanding on their part of the Advaita
> shAstra.  If only one understands Advaita correctly he will have nothing to
> object against it.
> regards
> subrahmanian.v
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