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Please take this discussion thread back to the forum from which it migrated here.
The social, cultural and political interactions among various brAhmaNa groups are
irrelevant to this forum.
With respect to the only advaita tradition related issue mentioned below, please note
that the quarrels amongst followers of different Sankara maThas have more or less
dried up nowadays. This is how history plays out. Members of newer generations
have no time for the causes that united or divided older generations. They find other
things to quarrel about and unite over. All this has nothing to do with why Advaita-L
exists and what its focus should be. 
This is an ADMIN notice to all members. Do not continue on this digression here.
Moderator, Advaita-L

Venkatesh Murthy wrote:
> Namaste
> Many years and centuries back the Dvaitis and Visistadvaitis
> quarrelled with Advaitis. Not only that but also there was quarrelling
> in Maths also. Sringeri Math followers are quarelling with Kanchi Math
> followers. Like this in Dvaitis also one Math is quarrelling with
> other Dvaiti Maths. In Srivaisnavas the Vadagalai group is quarrelling
> with Tengalai. One person told me where there are Brahmins there will
> always be quarrelling. Even if two Brahmins are there they will
> quarrel. Why Brahmins are quarreling so much? Why a Brahmin wants to
> find faults in other Brahmins so much? We must stop it.
> We should unite all Brahmins and preserve our culture and stop quarrelling.

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