[Advaita-l] Question for Rg-vedins

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Oct 6 00:06:44 CDT 2012

The most puzzling, mind-boggling & potent sUkta from rg veda is 
*asyavAmIya sUkta* which is also called *suparNa sUkta*.  It is considered
to be the longest sUkta in rg veda having 52 riks.  
The concept of kAla chakra, jyOtiSya, ayana, sandhya, sAvana are encapsuled in
this.  Apart from this, this sUkta forms an important primer for study of mantra shAstra 
especially srividya.  Regular recital of this sUkta is prescribed for srividya upAsakAs during abhiSEka of sriyantra apart from other sUktAs like durga, dEvi, srI, rAtri etc. 
As regards other sUktAs, there are many like manyu, ashwini, nakSatra, navagraha etc. 
that are deployed for specific purposes.  
For pArAyaNa of chaNDi, dEvi sukta & rAtri sUkta of rg veda is mandatory.  
Even before retiring to sleep everyday, dharma shAstra prescribes us to do pArAyaNa of
rAtri sUkta in the night for protection of rAtri dEvi.  
For antaH shatru & bAhya shatru nivAraNa, manyu sUkta pArAyaNa is prescribed. There are several prayogas for this like pAda archa, ardha archa & pUrNa archa and saMpuTikaraNa is done with hanumad mantra / nArasimha mantra / subramaNya mantra. 
There is exclusively a pAshupata mantra prayOga called *manyu pAshupata kalpa prayOga*.
So the sUktAs like purusha, sri, dEvi, rAtri, nArAyaNa, durga, gaNapati, navagraha, nakSatra etc. can be deployed during archana purpose.
However, to honour the sampradAya, a kriSNa yajurvEdi should undergo complete study
of his own veda shAkha first and then study the rg veda sUktAs and it's prayOgAs.

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