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I think his question is how to become a jivan mukta, free from dualities.

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> Sureshji
> - PraNams -
> you have just pointed out another misconception related to
> self-realization.
> Now please tell me- when is the time you are
> not experiencing yourself? It is not experience where there is an
> experiencer-experienced-
> experiencing - which is time bound; but clear understanding that I do not
> need
> any specific experience and I am revealed in every experience - prati bodha
> viditam matam - says Kenopanishat. Shankara calls Samyak Darshnam - clear
> vision of the truth as I am that. Tat tvam asi. That is the reason why
> Vedanta insists on a live sampradaaya teacher for Vedantic study. My best
> wishes
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
> >Thanks, mr. K and mr. S. my concern at the moment is applying advaita to
> life. As of now, my advaita is theoretical. There is no experience of any
> sort, so I am wondering what to do. At least some sort of experience
> through meditation could help, that's why I thought of atma vichara. Vrttis
> are hard to stop. They keep going like a river, and suppression doesn't
> help.
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