[Advaita-l] Ramana's method

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Sun Oct 7 14:45:24 CDT 2012

>The question is "How to go beyond the thought that I am brahman" to factually know "I am Brahman".  We have thoughts in the mind and also the facts. We seem to be trapped by our own mind.  
Shree Rajaram -  PraNAms 
simple answer is to recognize that I am there in the thoughts too. I have to
discard the reality that I have assumed to the naama-ruupa contents of the
thoughts. The trapping of the mind with naama - ruupa of the thoughts happens
due to lack of complete chitta suddhi, since the mind is getting trapped due to
remnant raaga dveshaas and I am still giving reality to them. Hence nidhidhyaasana
on the mahaavaakya that is understood by shravana and manana has to be
constantly applied by the mind. It is not an experience but understanding not
as objectified knowledge but understanding as I am the essence which is direct
and immediately present in every experience. That is what Shree Subbuji explained recently
in response to Jnaanam and Vijnaanam question. 
Hope this helps.
Hari Om!

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