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> praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> The problem lies in what one understands by the term 'shAstra'.
> >  shAstra here is veda-s which is shruti not smruti texts, though it is
> (smruti) pramANa it is not called as shruti.
> Even those who do not have vedAdhikAra are not barred from studying the
> BhagavadgItA
> which is one of the prasthAnatraya.
> >  I agree, but you have not answered my query, whether Sri mani dravida
> shAstrigaL is recommeding prakaraNa granTha for those who have
> vedAdhikAra.  Can a vaidhika (or a vedAdhikAri) skip vedAdhyayana and do
> the brahma jignAsa with prakaraNa granTha-s??

I think you got the reply to your question.  Let me clarify emphatically:
it was with reference to a question put by a jijnAsu who has vedAdhikAra
that the reply was given.  It was in the context of the question 'is it
essential that one understands all the bhashyas and vyAkhyAna-s of the
Upanishads and the Brahmasutras, Advaita siddhi, and other texts for
getting moksha?'  For this question was the reply that I had quoted.

Let me also narrate an incident from real life:  Sri Venkata Subba Rao of
Chikmagalur was a householder.  He had great jijnAsa for Brahma jnAna.
When he approached the earlier Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Abhinava VidyAtirtha,
He asked him to come to a class on a particular day.  On that day the
Jagadguru taught the first shloka of the Sri dakshinAmurti stotra of
Shankaracharya with a lucid explanation. There were some Sannyasis and
other Pandits in the class.  On the third day, AcharyaL said (addressing
Sri Rao): 'This is enough.  In fact what I taught you on the first day was
itself sufficient for you.  I took up the second verse on the subsequent
day to ward off any possible feeling you may get that absence of
continuation on the second day is inauspicious (dvitIya-vighna).'

Sri Rao was a Telugu Brahmin whose ancestor was a pIThAdhipati of the
Sringeri Peetham.

Later Sri Rao became an aparoksha jnani.  He passed away just a few years


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