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Wed Oct 10 06:51:55 CDT 2012

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I think you got the reply to your question.  Let me clarify emphatically:
it was with reference to a question put by a jijnAsu who has vedAdhikAra
that the reply was given. 

>  Thanks for the clarification, now it is clear that vedAdhikAri jignAsu 
asking this question after doing sufficient vedAdhyayana, his intention in 
asking that question is not about the mandatory requirement of the 
vedAdhyayana for the vedAdhikAri-s instead it is a question relating to 
the adhyayana of the other prakaraNa grantha-s, sUtra & sUtra  bhAshya 
AFTER vedAdhyayana or shAstrAdhyayana.  That is very clear from the below 
question of his :

It was in the context of the question 'is it
essential that one understands all the bhashyas and vyAkhyAna-s of the
Upanishads and the Brahmasutras, Advaita siddhi, and other texts for
getting moksha?'  For this question was the reply that I had quoted.

>  Here jignAsu asking whether he has to continue to study all the 
upanishad vyAkhyAna, bhAshya (note it is not about upanishad itself), 
advaita siddhi and other prakaraNa graNtha-s to do brahma jignAsa??  he is 
not asking here whether for the vedAdhikAri, vedAdhyayana is essential or 
not.  So in this context Sri Mani Dravid ShastrigaL's reply is very apt 
and it does not suggest any alternative for the vedAdhyana 
(shAstrAdhyayana)  for the vedAdhikAri.  Yes, if you are not clear despite 
doing shAstra adhyayana, you can refer some other prakaraNa grantha where 
the purport of shAstra has been  explained with more clarity. This does 
not anyway mean that Sri ShastrigaL finding an alternative for 
vedAdhyayana  in prakaraNa grantha study.  If he is recommending prakaraNa 
grantha instead of veda-s for brama jignAsa then it is clear that he was 
suggesting an alternative method.  But from your explanation it is clear 
that that is not the case. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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