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>> > nidhidhyAsana is the most important sAkshAt sAdhanA in the tradition.
>> The
>> > following remark of Kanchi Maha SwamigaL makes it clear:
>> >
>> > "Remember our Acharya is one who gave the noblest status to the hearing
>> > (shravaNa) of the teaching from the guru. If the same Acharya says "Let
>> it
>> > be understood that mananaM is a hundred times greater than shravaNaM".
>> > *shataguNaM vidyAn-mananaM*, then at how really a high level should
>> > shravaNaM be counted? And he doesn't stop there. If mananaM is a hundred
>> > times greater than shravaNaM, he says nidhidhyAsanaM is a
>> hundred-thousand
>> > times greater than mananaM:
>> Viewed from this perspective it can be said that Sri Bhagwan only
>> restored the relative importance of shravaNa, manana and nididhyAsana
>> in self enquiry and brought it in line with tradition.
> ============================================
> Namaste,
> This approach is not something alien to the tradition; rather it is the
> most important part of sAdhanA. Here are the words of Swami Chandrashekara
> Bharati of Sringeri:
> Among the material aids for achieving moksha, bhakti is the greatest.
> Continuous contemplation of one's essential nature (svarUpa) is said to be
> bhakti. (VC 33)
> By svasvarUpAnusandhAna contemplation on one's essential nature,
> nididhyAsana (profound repeated meditation) is meant. That alone can serve
> as the immediate means to direct realisation. The continuous contemplation
> of the shruti text and the upadesha of the guru: sa AtmA tattvamasi ( that
> is the Atman; That thou art): " Thy essential nature is Brahman; thou art
> That only", is the indespensable means (asAdhAraNa kAraNa) of such
> realisation. This contemplation (anusandhAna) is of the form of the
> exclusion of contrary ideas and is marked by a continuous flow of accordant
> ideas. shama etc., are the cause of jnAna mediated by vichAra and
> nididhyAsana . But nididhyAsana is the immediate cause for it. Because it
> produces direct realisation, it is said to be the greatest among sAdhanAs
> that make for jnAna which is revelatory of one's true nature which is
> synonymous with moksha....
> Best Wishes,
> Vinayaka

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