[Advaita-l] Atmobodha and Kathopanishat classes

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Sun Oct 21 06:33:05 CDT 2012

PraNAms to all:
morning class on Atmabodha will be from 10:00AM to 11: AM and the Kathopanishat
Class will be at regular schedule 6:30PM – 8:00PM. EST. The previous talks are
stored at the website. 
webcasting can be heard at< http://www.livestream.com/advaita_sadaji> 
In Atmabodha
class we are will start with sloka 9, where manifest (saguna) and  unmanifest (nirguna) aspect of Brahman are
discussed. Those who are listening to the text, be ready with the text book. If there
is any delay in the webcast, please be patient, since the last minute delay may
be due to some technical problems during the recording session.
In the Kathopanishat
we are at sloka 14 of Valli 2 of the first chapter. When Lord Yama was overwhelmed
by the qualities of his student Nachiketas and glorifies the student and the
knowledge that is he is seeking, Nachiketas redirects the attention of  his teacher to focus on the subject that he
wants to know – It is one of the famous sloka that is well quoted where
Nachiketas redefines what exactly he wants to know as a part of the third boon.
Earlier in Valii 1, he asked- please teach me about that which survives the
death as some say that there is something that exists which does not die while
some others say there is nothing that survives. Since it is- agocaram- imperceptible - only Lord
of Death can answer this. Obviously Nachiketas was not asking something that
services the death of a physical body, since in the previous boon he already asked
about the ritual performing which one can go to go Heaven after the death of
the physical body. Hence Nachiketas in the third boon was asking something that
services even the death of the subtle and causal bodies. Lord of Death understood
what Nachiketas wanted and said that knowledge is very subtle and even if he
tells it will be useless for Nachiketas since even the Gods in Heaven do not
understand about it CLEARLY. However, Nachiketas insisted that he wants that
only since even Gods  wanted to know and
could not know.  Lord of Death offered
all other incentives by offering all the worlds  of pleasure in order to pursue Nachiketas from insisting on this
knowledge.  Nachiketas rejects all other
alternatives and insists on this knowledge only. In the sloka 14 of Valli 2, he
redefines exactly what he wants to know from Lord of Death – It is beautiful
description of Brahman.
anyatra dharmaat
anyatra adharmaat
anyatra asmaat
anyatra bhuutaat
ca bhavyaachcha
yattat pasyati
tat vada|
Please teach
me that, which I know that you know, that which is different from dharma and
different from adharma; Different from effect and different from cause; that
which is beyond the limits of time (past or future). 
This sloka
was covered in the last class – This evening we will start with sloka 15 on
where the actual teaching starts. Up to now it is considered as upodghatam or
introduction where the student and the teacher are brought together for the
teaching to take place. 
Hari Om!

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