[Advaita-l] Lilithopakhyana vs. Lalithasahasra

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This is one of the issues I wanted to research on. The three names "vishukra praanaharana vaaraahi veerya nanditaa; mantrinyambaa virachita vishanga vadha toshita; mahaa ganesha nirbhinna vighna yantra praharshitaa" 

If we look at the Lalitopaakhyaana the order of the names and the names should be  "mahaa ganesha nirbhinna vighna yantra 
praharshitaa; mantrinyambaa 
virachita vishukra vadha toshita; vishanga praanaharana vaaraahi veerya nanditaa " 

The intriguing part is even with this change the Chandas is NOT affected. I have come accrosssrividya paramparas where the names are changed as above in LS as part of parampara upadesha. I also understand that this has been dealt with in the Balatapa commentary to Saubhagya Bhaskara. [this is the info I have and I am yet to see Balatapa]. I have also heard that some vyaakhyanas pre-dating Saubhagyabhaskara does contain this correction.

The context requires that the destruction of Vighna yantra preceed the other two events. It is so in Lalitopaakhyaana. According to Rana Neeti the second seems to be correct. In Rana Neeti no unequal fights. Vishukra is the the Prime Miniter so only Mantrini can kill him. Vishanga is the Commander in chief and so equal to Mantrini. When others confront these there is a fight but they are let off awaiting the right combination.

Because the Lalitopakhyana is the moola from which LS arises and it cannot be said that Vaak devatas are unaware of the events recounted and they are well versed with Rana Neeti I think the second set is the right one.

Then the issue arises why did Bhaskara Raya not comment on this anomaly. Who was the first person to have changed it and when was it is another issue.

Yes it is possible that Upakhyana and sahasranama arose in South India or that the authors were south Indian. Remember the Haadi sampradaaya of Kashmir was created by South Indians and the Kaadi sampradaaya came to South India from Bengal. If so did the composition of either take place in Kashmir? If so when?

Worth researching

Looking forward to comments of learned.

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> ear Sri Sankara Menon,,
> here is some thing that I am Intrgued.
> In Lalitha Sahasranama, Mantrini kills Vishanga and Dandanatha kills
> Visukra.
> In Lalithopakhyana the roles are reversed.
> I think the composition of Lalitha Sahasranama is from South India.
> 'Kaamesa baddha maangalya sutra sobhita kandharaa'
> Mangala sutra dhaarana ritual in marriage is of prime importance
> only in South India
> regards,
> Sarma.
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