[Advaita-l] Lilithopakhyana vs. Lalithasahasra

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sun Aug 4 11:05:14 CDT 2013

Yes it is possible that Upakhyana and sahasranama arose in South India or that the authors were south Indian.

One of the great upAsakAs told me that the place of Lalita Sahasranama rachana is
the premises of Kamakshi Temple in Kanchipuram.

It is said that there is a rahasya sthala identified by Mahaperiyava which was known as
hayagriva mutt.  This is the place where the hayagriva-agastya samvAda took place.

The "chidagni kuNDa" mentioned in the name is the gAyatri mantapam in kAmAkshi temple. 
In the IshAnya sthAna of this mantapa, there is a pillar.  There is a small hole inside which
is filled with kumkuma.   This "sukshma randhra" is said to be the "nAbhi-sthAna".  

Mother Kamakshi is none other than Devi Lalita.  Some of the names like "kAmakOTikA", "kAmakOTimahApadmapITasthA" (vide ashtottara nAmA) hints this divine place called Kanchi.

My guruji got a vision here in gAyatri mantapam and a melodious sloka gushed forth as:

praNavAkruti ratna manDapE
shrutimAtrA samamEkatAM gatE
niratAM nirataM krupAparAM
hrudi kAnchipuranAyikAM bhajE



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