[Advaita-l] Need information on learning Vedas online

Shreekrishna sumadhwavijaya at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 00:57:26 CDT 2013

SrigurubhyO namaH

Respected members,

I live in USA and I want to learn Yajurveda and Samaveda. I request you to
let me know if you are aware of anybody who may be teaching these online
(Skype/Google Talk etc.). I would really appreciate any help/guidance in
this matter. While I am aware that this is certainly not the most ideal way
of learning vedas, it is a meek compromise I have to make between living in
a foreign land and satisfying my desire to learn vedas.

sarve bhadrANi pashyantu,

ಸಕಲ ಸಾಧನವೆನಗೆ ಕೈ ಸೇರಿತು, ಮುಕುತಿಯ ಸಾಧನಕೆ ತುಸುವು ಬಾರದ ಧನವು!
- ಶ್ರೀಮದ್ವಾದಿರಾಜರು

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