[Advaita-l] Lilithopakhyana vs. Lalithasahasra

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> BTW I did not get any comments on the three names  
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> lalilOpAkhyAna is not a prAmANika one.  
> One of the ancient manuscripts i have edited by one of the greatest srividyOpAsakAs of Andhra Pradesh (Br.Sri.Janaswami Lakshmi Nrisimha Sastry).   Their srividya lineage itself is 
> baffling one.  The mUla guru in their parampara is Br.Sri.Jandhyala Dakshinamurty Sastry
> who was initiated into panchadasi by Devi Herself in Basara.  
> As per their opinion, there are several discrepencies in lalitopAkhyAna and what exactly is the
> authentic one is quite difficult. 
> Since, all the great upAsakAs including Bhasakraraya Makhin "ignored" this discrepency and
> wrote commentary on Lalita Sahasranama, it is prudent enough for us to follow the beaten path
> with faith and devotion rather than questioning the lineage.
> This was the advice given to me by His Holiness Sri Bharati Tirtha Swamigal.  
> regs,
> sriram
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