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Hare Krishna. If you don't answer the question what happens to Ishwara (mayasabalitha brahman) on pralaya, then you can say He is non-eternal. 

Also, if you ignore Appayya Dikshita or for that matter Jaimini in Brahma Sutra where the mukta is to become one with Parameshwara, then again you can say that Ishwara is non-eternal (non-existent).  

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It is comical to claim to be advaitins and go against what acharyas have 
written about eternality of Ishwara. 

Hare Krishna

Well, it has been said n' no. of items here in this list itself that if 
you are talking about bhA rUpa, manOmayi, mAyA shabAlita apara brahma 
(i.e. Ishwara) then it is only vyAvahArika satya no point in attributing 
eternality to this kArya brahma.  Shankara is quite explicit in his 
assertion that Ishwara with his guNa-s like sarvajnatva, sarvashaktitva 
etc. is only vyAvahArika satya which is avidyAkruta.  On the other hand, 
if you are giving nirguNa nirAkAra, nirvishesha, niravayava brahman an 
another name 'Ishwara' then yes, it is the one and only reality without 
second and obviously he is shAshvata.  Here too shankara is quite clear on 
his stand and clearly explains what  constitutes saguNa / apara brahman 
and what exactly is kevala nirguNa  jneya para brahman. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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