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Hare Krishna. I'm not referring to Jaimini's sutra bhashya - don't even know if it exists but the reference is to Jaimini vs. Audulomi in Sankara bhashya. Badarayana as well as  Sankara agree with both. Please see the earlier posts.  

Leave alone what happens to Ishwara on mukti or what J and A talk about. Please answer what happens to Him on pralaya. My answer is clear. He remains as sarvajna Ishwara and this is the advaita position. What is yours? If you also say that He remains as sarvajna ishwara, then we both agree that He is eternal vyavahara satya.  
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Hare Krishna

If you don't answer the question what happens to Ishwara (mayasabalitha 
brahman) on pralaya, then you can say He is non-eternal. 

>  when shankara says Ishwara with his mAyOpAdi is kevala vyAvahArika 
satya which is avidyAkruta & there is no Ishwara & ishitavya in 
paramArtha, we could  see the thought process  of shankara on mAyOpAdhi 
Ishwara in paramArtha. 

Also, if you ignore Appayya Dikshita or for that matter Jaimini in Brahma 
Sutra where the mukta is to become one with Parameshwara, then again you 
can say that Ishwara is non-eternal (non-existent). 

> I've not read jaimini's sUtra bhAshya, but shankara is quite clear about 
Ishwara tattva when it comes to paramArtha.  No need to mention advaitins 
in general  prefer shankara's bhAshya to all other commentaries when it 
comes to siddhAnta nirNaya.  parameva hi brahma vishuddhOpAdhi saMbandhaM 
kvachit kaichidvikAra dharmaiH manOmayatvAdhibhiH upAsanAyOpadishyamAnaM 
aparamiti stithiH...clarifies shankara...So, what you say about mAyA 
shabAlita brahma is nothing but apara brahma according to shankara which 
is meant for upAsaNa where as apara brahman is completely free from any 
type of upAdhi (sarvOpAdhi vivarjitaM).

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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