[Advaita-l] essays by Sri.Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya ??

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Sat Aug 17 23:56:11 CDT 2013

Namaste Advaitins,

I am in search of Sri.Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya who was a great scholar in mimamsa,
tarka and vedanta.  He was a great thinker too.

He wrote some scholarly essays on mimAmsa sutras of "bAdari" (not the bAdarAyaNa). As per Bhattacharya, he showed the pramANAs for the upanayana of shUdrAs and their participation in
vaidika karma kANDa as per the bAdari sUtrAs vide series 6.1.25 to 6.1.38.

According to bAdari, even shUdrAs are also called "dwijAs" after their upanayana samskAra as mentioned in the above sUtrAs.  Sri Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya also refers the shAbara bhASya for mimAmsa who too supported the participation of shUdrAs in yajnAs (vide shabara & karka bhASya). 

In darshapUrNamAsa iSTi, while approaching the "haviSkrut" (the one who prepares the havish), a brAhmaNa should approach the haviSkrut and asks for it with the pada "Ehi"; similarly, a kSatriya should ask with the pada "Agahi"; similarly, the vaishya should ask with the pada "Adrava" and a shUdra should ask the havish with the pada "AdhAma".  This is mentioned even in shatapatha brAhmaNa (vide 1-1-4-2).

Shabara Swami also advises the diksha vidhi for shudras who are participating in vaidika karma kANDa and instructs them to have only "dadhi" (curd) prepared from vyAghra-kSeera (milk of tiger) and further goes to the extent that even shUdrAs have got the adhikAra for sOma-pAna (vide shatapatha brAhmaNa 

Any directions / pointers for the whereabouts of these essays of Sri Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya would be highly appreciated.

I want to read in original what exactly is written in that.  Some of the essays were translated into telugu by a great telugu scholar, poet by name brahmasri shatAvadhAni veluri sivarama sastry garu.  


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