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> > > The Mutts have to take up this matter very seriously. Today they are
> not
> > > doing much to propagate Vaidika Dharma and Sanskrit. What are they
> doing?
> > >
> ... ...
> > >
> > > Instead of doing all this they are collecting donations from followers
> and
> > > increasing the bank balance and counting the crores of rupees.
> > >
> > > It is a sad situation.
> > >
> I have come to expect this sort of reaction every time some such issue
> crops
> up for discussion. Our Mathas, especially the ones that are run by
> traditional
> standards, are doing a lot for propagating dharma and the saMskRta
> language.
> We fail to appreciate and support them in tangible ways. Instead, we sit
> and
> criticize them for not doing enough. The disconnect is really between the
> Indian culture of old and the urban, educated people like us. A pity.
We have to ask the question how much the Maths are doing comparing to how
much capacity is there? They are doing something but the capacity is very
big. They are not working at the capacity. It is like distributing 1
Quintal of rice to 1 Lakh people. 1 quintal of rice is a very large
quantity but for 1 Lakh people it is very small. It will not reach all
people. The Maths reach must be very wide.The Maths have to do the job on a
Large Scale. Why? They must exist to protect Dharma and our culture.

 If some body wants to learn Sanskrit or Veda in Delhi by Sringeri Math
where can he go? How can he approach a Vedic Pundit to learn mantras. You
can ask him to go Sringeri and camp there for 6 months and learn but it is
not practical solution.

I have searched the Sura Saraswati Sabha list of study centres -


But there is no centre in Delhi or any North Indian city.

> Shreekrishna:
> days. A number of US Hindu temple
> Vidyasankar



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