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> Namaste
>  If some body wants to learn Sanskrit or Veda in Delhi by Sringeri Math
> where can he go? How can he approach a Vedic Pundit to learn mantras.

There is no need to insist vedic or sanskrit study only from a Sringeri
Math source.  There are many other sources.  For instance you can try these
in New Delhi for sanskrit study:

*Samskrita Bharati*, India
Website URL: http://www.samskrita-bharati.org/

Samskrita Bharati is a very well known organisation promoting Sanskrit.
They do lot of different activities to promote Sanskrit, both in India and
abroad. They also offer *distance-learning programs and conduct exams* for
different Sanskrit certifications from PRAVESHA to KOVIDA level. The cost
of the program very very nominal. One feature of their website is that they
publish a *bi-monthly Sanskrit magazine*, probably the only such magazine.

Contact Address:
      Samskrita Bharati (Head Quarters)
      Mata Mandir Gali, Jhandewala, 110 055
      New Delhi, India
      Phones: 011-3517689
      Email: samskritabharatidelhi at rediffmail.com

      Samskrita Bharati (International Center called Aksharam)
      8th Cross II Phase, Girinagara, 560 085
      Bangalore, India
      Phones: 080-26721052
      Email: Samskritam at Gmail.com
      Complete List Of All
*Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan*, Delhi, India
Website URL: http://www.sanskrit.nic.in/

This is an initiative started by Govt. of India, to promote Sanskrit as a
language in education. Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan has branches through-out
the country and they offer different courses including distance-learning

Contact Address:
      Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan
      Contact Person - Director
      56-57, Institutional Area,
      Janakpuri,New Delhi-110058, India
      Phones: +91-11-2554-1949
      E-PABX: +91-11-2554-0993, 554-0995
      Fax : +91-11-2554-1948
      Email: rsks at nda.vsnl.net.in

Surely they must be having study centres where students doing distance
education get to meet with teachers and clarify doubts.  Pl. also look into
this for tips/information/guidance:


For studying Veda, you can approach purohits or archakas in various south
Indian temples, like the one in RK.Puram and make enquiries about Veda
vidwans.  By interacting with them you can fix a time convenient and pursue
the study.  You may try seeking information on learning veda from the
contact persons here:


I would like to cite Sri Vidyasankar's personal experience in this.  When
he was a young boy, a Sanskrit scholar from the south relocated to Bombay.
People got word of this and a small community  in the neighborhood started
benefiting from his knowledge.  Sri Vidyasankar was exposed to Sanskrit
through his mother's visits to the scholar's classes.   I mentioned this to
show that there can be opportunity close to oneself, lying unexplored.

Upon a request from a group of senior citizens, I am teaching the vedic
portions that I know, thrice a week, at a location in the Banashankari
area.  There are many such initiatives in several places.  While it might
be unrealistic to look for south Indian style of Vedic recitation/learning
in remote/odd places like the north east India, Delhi must hold


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