[Advaita-l] A question

anselmo hernandez elmo_terbutilo at yahoo.com.mx
Tue Dec 3 12:05:45 CST 2013

 Dear Ones:

Please receive a cordial salute,
i have been cheking articles from R.V. JOSHI
about Nimbarka and the bhedAbheda doctrine,
there is a shloka written by Shankaracharya that
appear to be accepting diference in Brahman:

The quotation is:

satyapi bhedApagame nAtha tavAham na mAmakInastvam .
sAmudro hi tarangaH kvacana samudro na tArangaH ..

My question is double:
1.- Where exactly is this quotation from ? (Prof. Joshi do not say it)
2.- Is really Shankara accepting the diference between Jiva and Brahman, or is just a devotional verse out of prema ?

Before hand thanks to all of you.



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