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>  Dear Ones:
> Please receive a cordial salute,
> i have been cheking articles from R.V. JOSHI
> about Nimbarka and the bhedAbheda doctrine,
> there is a shloka written by Shankaracharya that
> appear to be accepting diference in Brahman:
> The quotation is:
> satyapi bhedApagame nAtha tavAham na mAmakInastvam .
> sAmudro hi tarangaH kvacana samudro na tArangaH ..
> My question is double:
> 1.- Where exactly is this quotation from ? (Prof. Joshi do not say it)

The verse is the third one from the 'viShNu-ShaTpadI-stotram' of
Shankaracharya, which starts with 'avinayam apanaya viShNo..' ['O ViShNu,
free me of arrogance...'] .


> 2.- Is really Shankara accepting the diference between Jiva and Brahman,
> or is just a devotional verse out of prema ?

The difference is admitted by Shankara from the vyAvahArika point of view.
When there is this kind of devotion, it is possible only with difference.
The dependence of the jIva on Ishwara for everything including the
knowledge required for liberation is admitted in Advaita.  This hymn is a
favourite of many non-advaitins too.


> Before hand thanks to all of you.
> Anselmo
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