[Advaita-l] Desire, Jnana and Moksha

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  For one to become a Jivanmukta, three conditions have to be
 namely attainment of jnana, manonasha and vasanakshya. 

>From my understanding manonasha is not destruction of the mind but destruction of the notional mind or mind with wrong notions. Jnaana will eliminate ignorance as Shreeman LaliktalaalitaH mentioned but not ignorance born actions and the resulting vaasanaas. For that only nidhidhyaasana is prescribed. The jnaana nishTa or jiivan mukta is not a discrete event. As Swami Paramarthanandaji puts it, it is the reduction of FIR as one abides in the jnaanam. The frequency of perturbation (F), the intensity of perturbation, I, and recovery time from perturbation, R, goes down slowly as one abides in the knowledge gained by shravana and manana. Several stages for jnaana nishTah or jiiva mukta are prescribed based on the extent of this FIR reduction in the jnaani. 

Rest of what Chandramouliji presented concur with my understanding. 

Just my 2c on the topic. 

Hari Om!

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