[Advaita-l] Desire, Jnana and Moksha

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Nithinji - PraNAms

There is  a difference between jnaani and jnaana nishTi or prajna vs Sthitaprajna. 

Frist, complete hundred percent chitta suddhi is even thermodynamically also impossible. One can gain jnaanam even with some remnant raaga dweshas or partial chitta suddhi, and one need not be a Nachiktas. For sadhaaks like Nachitektas shravana and manana is sufficient, as discussed also by Sureshwara in Naiskhrmya siddhi. Scriptures understand this.  Because of the lingering raaga and dweshas only scriptures prescribes Nidhidhyaasana for sadhaks. That can take life long process depending the extent of these lingering vaasanaas. Goupdapaada discusses the essential obstacles in this jnaana nishTa in his kaarika.

it was said Bhagavan Ramana got angry when people were destroying a mango tree by cutting its leaves indiscriminately for some festival decoration. He felt the pain of the tree. 

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 But, Jnana cannot arise in a person
 with impure chitta. Chitta Shuddhi is
 the requirement for Jnana Sadhana. Chitta Shuddhi means
 destruction of all
 mental passions like kama, krodha etc. For a person to hear
 Mahavakyas and
 attain Aparoksha Jnana, he must have developed qualities of
 viveka etc
 which is possible due to chitta shuddhi. This is my

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