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It doesn't answer the question, "Why do I perceive an unreal world which never had a being after the cause of such perception viz ajnana is removed?"
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If I am Brahman and only Brahman is, why do I see the world? 
If I see it due to my ajnana, why does a jnani see?


Sri. Chandrasekhara Bharati Mahaswamigal in His bhASya on vivEkachUDAmaNi

"na pratItiH tayOrbAdhiH kintu mithyAtva nishchayaH"   (vide bhASya to 459 sloka)

The bAdhita tattva of jiva and jagat in jnAni doesn't mean that that
jnAni doesn't perceive those aspects.  He would have a different 
perception towards these aspects and approach them with complete 
understanding of it's illusory nature.   



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