[Advaita-l] Real vs. Unreal

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Dec 14 11:38:25 CST 2013

Namaste Nithinji,

Where is the quote from? Very fantastic verse.

I can't recollect the reference right now.  This was quoted from my notes.

There are some fantastic verses that are contemplated.  One such is 
given below which is believed to be composed by Acharya Sankara.

adyASTamIti navamIti chaturdashIti
jyOtiSkavAchOpa vasanti bhaktyA
shrutE stvamahO tat tvaM asIti vAkyaM
na vishwasantyadbhutamEtadEva 

Acharya Sankara sarcastically remarks that people believe in the words of astrologer blindly 
and start discussing on the auspiciousness of the days regarding aSTami, navami or chaturdashi
But, doesn't believe the shruti vAkya which emphatically says "tat tvam asi".  What a pity !!


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