[Advaita-l] Real vs. Unreal

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Is Brahman also bounded and deluded by Maya? Or Maya is Shakti, by which
Brahman manifests? A Jnani has verily become Brahman and hence, for him
Maya is not bondage.

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> On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 12:23 PM, Nithin Sridhar
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> > The Jnani's do not perceive World as separate than Brahman. They perceive
> > Brahman itself in all objects. Isha Up says "Yastu sarva bhutani
> atmanyeva
> > anupashyati". A Jnani perceives all objects as his very Self and his Self
> > in all objects.
> >
> > About the example of Shivering, you are stretching the example beyond its
> > scope. The example only meant, even after the perception of snake is
> > removed by perception of rope, the shivering lingers. Similarly, even
> after
> > removal of Avidya and attainment of Jnana, a trace of Avidya-Avidya Lesha
> > in the form of Prarabda Karma remains.So, the example is only meant to
> > point out through anecdote the lingering of trace of Avidya. Whether
> > sustratum mind is destroyed or not is not issue. Even if it is considered
> > an issue, even then, Brahman who is substratum of whole Jagat exist.
> >
> >  This has been stated clearly even by Badarayana who says, the dawn of
> > Jnana leads to destruction of past and future karmas but the Prarabda
> > remains.
> RV: The mind is a product of ajnAnA just as indriyAs and jagat are. jnAnA
> is to realise the only reality Brahman and the non-reality of not only the
> jagat but of manas and indriyAs also. How can you, after destruction of
> ajnAna and rise of jnAna, perceive anything? What is there to see? You
> cannot say that I will see the world as brahman when the realisation that
> non-existence of the world has dawned on you.
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