[Advaita-l] Real vs. Unreal

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I am following this long thread but it has become confusing. Why? Because
of the negative philosophy of Maayaavaada. Instead if you understand
Brahmavaada it will be clear. When you get Jnana who is saying world is
nonexistent? It is still there. You will see it as Brahman. A Ajnani also
will see the world. Jnani will also see the same world but he will see it
as Brahman only not like the Ajnani. Example the Ajnani will see only waves
of Brahman ocean. He will not see whole Brahman ocean but only waves. But
Jnani will see the whole Brahman ocean he will see waves. He will see
everything. This is the difference.

See Purusha Sukta mantras below.

*e*tāvā’nasya ma*hi*mā | a*to* jyāyāg’*-śca* pūru’ṣaḥ |
pādo”*‌உsya* viśvā’ *bhū*tāni’ | *tri*pāda’*syā*mṛta’ṃ *di*vi ||

*tri*pā*dū*rdhva u*dai*tpuru’ṣaḥ | pādo”*‌உsye*hā‌உ‌உbha’*vā*tpuna’ḥ |
ta*to* vi*ṣva*ṇ-vya’krāmat | *sā**śa**nā**na**śa*ne *a*bhi ||
The world is only one Paada or 1/4 th part of Brahman. The Purusha Sukta is
saying this.Ajnani will see only 1/4th Brahman.  Who can see the other
3/4th? Jnani of course.
Accept positive Brahmavaada and you will be happy. Maayavaada is causing
only doubts.

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 7:47 PM, Rajaram Venkataramani <
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> On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 1:40 PM, Nithin Sridhar <sridhar.nithin at gmail.com
> >wrote:
> > Yes. on Attaining Jnana, even Maya becomes Non-existent and Brahman alone
> > remains. So where is the issue?
> RV: Why are you, a jnAni, seeing the non-existent world?
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