[Advaita-l] Real vs. Unreal

Sujal Upadhyay sujal.u at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 00:30:48 CST 2013


I agree with Sri H S CHANDRAMOULI ji.

The factor of ignorance has to be taken into consideration. Empirical
reality has to be taken as real but it is of lower reality and hence we
have to take it that empirical reality is reality under ignorance. I also
agree with Sri HSC ji, that we must take one issue at a time and lengthy
articles are difficult to read.

I have tried to explain creation from advaita POV

Please note that you will have to accept 2 levels of truths and ignorance
(anidyA). Both are based on shruti, including forgetfulness of Self and
hence the rememberance of Self (naSTo moha smrutir labdhA' and other such
statements like 'though are that Brahman svetketu' is been said multiple

A note: Sri Rajaram ji,

I am new to this list, but I have observed that all members are very
sincere in answering to queries. When there is a genuine effort and someone
does not understand for whatsoever reasons, then frustrations builds. This
thread has 64 replies. At times, you may not get a convincing answers
instead of all the attempts to understand. In this case, it is better to
move on. May be some time later you let proper answer




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