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Dear Sri Jaldhar, 

I shared the view with the intent of protection of dharmic traditions in mind. I thought any one is welcome to share their views on this forum just as you would allow guests in your house to speak for dharma as they deem fit. If we don't share our thoughts (and remain open to correction), how can we learn? 

If you equate vaishnavism (vishishtadvaita, dwaita etc.), which are self - consistent philosophical systems to abrahmic cults, the onus is on you to prove that it is the case. 

Kristhu Madha Kandanam (condemnation of christianity) by saivAcharya is the only quality critique I have seen by a traditional mutt. It stopped conversions in Kerala. If you know the works of traditional mutts that critique Christianity and Islam in a scholarly manner, please point them out. Buddhists have done it and hence captured the imagination of intellectuals all over the world. On the other hand, even the Sringeri acharyas have defended Islam and Christianity leave alone ISKCON which is evangelical. Such defences can't stand the scrutiny using facts and logic.

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On Mon, 16 Dec 2013, Rajaram Venkataramani wrote:

> While Hindu traditions engage in pointless polemics, missionaries convert
> and muslims do a demographic siege. How many have the courage to oppose
> Islam or Christianity? Even our mathathipathis support Islam and
> Christianity unmindful of the damage they cause to traditional institutions.

1. "The pointless polemics" as you call them are equally useful against 
anky kind of monotheism which is basically just an unsophisticated dvaita.

2.  The future of Hinduism belongs to the educated not illiterates no 
matter how much they beat their chests and "oppose."

3.  You have no idea what the author is doing or not doing.  You have no 
idea what anyone on this list is doing or not doing.  So keep your 
editorializing to yourself it is not welcome here.

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