[Advaita-l] Omniscience, etc. only due to upAdhi

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The author of Ishta sidhi should read as Vijnanatman and not Viditatma.
Regret the error.


On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 4:06 PM, H S Chandramouli
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> Namaste.
> This is regarding Iswara and Brahman. The answer to this issue given by
> Bhagavatpada forms the core of advaita sidhanta, namely the maya vada. This
> is the red rag for practically all those opposed to advaita including
> western philosophers. Ofcourse those in India as well. This has been the
> subject of extensive studies/discussions/deliberations etc of expert
> thinkers/practitioners/darshanakaras/and so on for centuries now. It is not
> as simple as swarupa/tatastha lakshanas. Sri Vidyaranya Swamiji has
> deliberated on this briefly in his Panchadashi. But perhaps the most
> authoritative and elaborate exposition is by Viditatman in his Ishta Sidhi
> ( One of the four Sidhi works on Advaita, the other three being Brahma
> Sidhi, Naishkarmya Sidhi  and Advaita Sidhi ). If one is so keenly
> interested he should refer to this work. There may not be much point in
> trying to discuss this issue in its entirety here in this forum.
> Regards
> On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 3:22 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
>> praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
>> Hare Krishna
>> >  its year end for me at office, bit busy with bread earning job:-))..so
>> kindly bear with me for this curt reply.
>> Actually only with  sarvajnatvaM, sarvashaktitvaM etc. Brahman (nirguNa.
>> Turiya) is called Ishwara (saguNa, sixth mantra of mAnDUkya - ESha
>> sarvajnaH...antaryAmi...).  That is the way Advaita distinguishes Brahman
>> from Ishwara.
>> >  but Ishwara is NOT different from brahman and if we are ready to accept
>> Ishwara is sarvajna, I am not able to understand why not brahman?? Does
>> parabrahman is inferior to Ishwara since he is lacking these qualities??!!
>> OTOH, I would say,  brahman's potence (shakti) which is inherent like
>> existence and jnAnaM will be active through upAdhi in srushti kriya.
>> Hence, we call the parabrahman itself as sOpAdhika brahman or saguNa
>> brahman to denote chetanatva behind srushti.  If we argue parabrahman is
>> minus sarvashaktitvaM and sarvajnatvaM we are restricting the parabrahma
>> tattva and implying that parabrahman would get sarvashaktitvaM and
>> sarvajnatvaM from jadOpAdhi then become Ishwara!!.
>> While attributing sarvajnatvaM, sarvashaktitvaM etc. to Brahman we see
>> these as taTasthalakShaNa and not svarUpalakShaNa.  'Inherent' means
>> svarUpa.
>> >  Yes, brahman's svarUpa is omnipotence, omniscience no matter whether
>> 'omni' is there or not !!  And this inherent shaktitva will be displayed
>> through upAdhi in srushtikriya (creation) and karma phala distribution
>> etc. ekO devaH sarva bhUteshu gUdAH...kevalO nirhuNascha
>> ....shvetAshvatara. Just like consciousness is the nature (svarUpa /
>> svabhAva) of brahman shakti, knowledge etc. are the nature of brahman.
>> jnAna, shakti, Ishitavya etc. are the nature (inherent) of para brahman
>> and parabrahman's these inherent nature is not borrowed one from upAdhi
>> when he becomes Ishwara (sOpAdhika).  To distinguish the difference
>> between shakti and shaktimAn, jnAna and jnAnavAn etc, the upAdhi-s have
>> been introduced and it does not anyway mean after getting upAdhi
>> brahman/Ishwara  would get the power  of sarvajnatvaM and sarvashaktitvaM.
>> It is essentially with a view to explain the 'everything' the shakti is
>> admitted.  'No shakti, no creation.'
>> >  Yes, no shakti means no creation but it does not mean no creation then
>> brahman would remain minus shakti. To be precise, creation depends on
>> Ishwara shakti but  Ishwara shakti would not vanish if creation is not
>> there since shakti, jnAna, chetanatvaM etc. are inherent to brahman !!
>> Hence, IMO, shakti, jnAna, consciounsness etc. are svarUpa lakshaNa ( not
>> tatastha lakshaNa which is temporary)  of parabrahman which would get
>> projected through upAdhi in srushti and with upAdhi (sOpAdhika) the same
>> parabrahman is called saguNa, sOpAdhika, kArya brahma.
>> >  We shall discuss this in detail with sUtra and itareya bhAshya.
>> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>> bhaskar
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