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Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Feb 11 13:22:04 CST 2013

Personally, I haven't visited any of the Sankara Maths except Sringeri 
It is the place where the frog suffering from birthpangs was being protected by a snake. This was thesthala mAhAtmya; the place where all the creatures forgettheir enemity and move about vibrating with universallove & compassion. 
The calm & serene tunga, the mischevious fishes in it, the lushy green trees, the shArada temple, the narasimha vana,the vidyasankara temple, the gentle breeze echoing withvedic chants, the jagatguru performing chandramoulishwara puja followed by the contemplation on prasthAna traya........
This is sringeri....a paradise on earth.....
The mahAnushAsana says:
kEvalaM dharmamuddishya vibhavO bAhyachEtasAMvihitAschOpakArAya padmapatra nayaM vrajEt
The material riches of sAdhus is only for protection of dharma.  Hence, they shouldbe detached with the world just as the waterdroplet remains on the lotus leaf
The acharya parampara of Sringeri are called rAja yOgisbecause they occupy equal status of that of the king (rAja)and they also have the powers of punishing an adhArmic person.  The mahAnushAsana says:
tAnAchAryOpadEshAMcha daNDAMscha paripAlayEttasmAt rAjAchAchAryascha dvAvanindyAbhivanditau
One should follow both the AchArya's upadesa anddanDa and hence a king and AchArya both shouldbe respected.

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