[Advaita-l] सच्चेन्न बाध्येत, असच्चेन्न प्रतीयेत

Ranga Rathnam sranga1955 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 15 00:35:00 CST 2013

May be the apt word would be virtual, as in virtual electrons etc.


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> Here, what is called unreal in the English language is actually described not as
> asat/asatya in the saMskRta original, but as anRta (अनृत). Personally, I would
> like to search for a different English word than unreal to translate this, especially
> as later in the same upanishat, there is a sentence that says satya itself became
> satya and anRta. The upanishat text and the bhAshya very masterfully play with
> the words sat, asat and anRta, to direct our attention to that which is beyond
> words.


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