[Advaita-l] What is Gupta Navaratri?

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Namaste Sriram,

How it is possible to do Mantra Japa when chewing Tambula? I cannot
say Mantra properly.

I heard some ladies with babies have habit of chewing Tambula and
spitting the juice into babies mouth. The babies will have good
health. This was practice in my grandmother's time. Now I have not
seen modern mothers do it. The mothers in villages may do it.

In Mahabharata there is one story I cannot remember fully. One Rishi
was praying to Indra. Indra appeared and Rishi asked for boon. He said
he has to get water when he feels thirsty. One day the Rishi was going
in a forest and he was very thirsty. When he remembered the boon one
hunter appeared with a dirty bag tied near his private parts. It was
tied like if he passed urine it could fall in the bag.The hunter
offered him water from the bag. But Rishi thought the water was bad
and did not accept it. Later Indra came and scolded him. That hunter
was Indra in diguise and the water was Amruta. But Rishi refused it.

On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 12:13 PM, Venkata sriram P
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> Namaste,
> ///
> and the spitting of the red juice on someone
> //
> It was none other than syama sastri's own guru Sri Sangeeta Swami, who was a yati.
> Sri Syama Sastri had this habit of chewing paan and tantra shAstra prescribes this
> method for getting the grace of syAmala dEvi in order to excel in sangita shAstra.
> The rAja syAmala mantra anuSTAna prescribes the mantra anuSTAna with paan in
> the mouth for quick siddhi in sangeeta shAstra.  There is a prakriya of propitiating
> "ucchiSTa mAtangi" this way.
> The rules for syAmala mantra japa include respecting the ladies of lower varNa especially belonging to fishing community; respecting the vaiNikAs, playing of veeNa and worshipping it.
> A sign of mantra siddhi is the as soon as the japa purashcharana is performed, a parrot comes to accept the naivEdya which is offered to syAmala.
> There is another incident related to "tAmbUla charvaNa" in Kanchipuram.
> There was a dumb boy who used to sit in the premises of gAyatri mantapam of Kamakshi Temple.  One day, it so happened that Kamakshi appeared before a certain upAsaka who was doing srividya anuSTAna in the temple.  Mother Kamakshi was chewing betel nut and wanted to put that same ucchiSTa betel nut into the mouth of that upAsaka.  He refused the offer being ucchiSTa.  Immediately, She grace that dumb boy who was sitting under a pillar and thrust forth Her ucchiSTa paan into the mouth of that dumb boy.
> And lo ! melodious poetry in the form of 500 slokas gushed forth from his mouth which is known as "Muka Panchashati" and that lad is none other than Muka Sankara.
> This is the power of the ucchiSTa tAmbula of Mother Kamakshi !!!!
> karpUra-vITikAmOda-samAkarSi-digantarAyai namaH
> regs,
> sriram
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