[Advaita-l] What is Gupta Navaratri?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Feb 20 06:49:01 CST 2013

I cannot say Mantra properly.
The basic reason is that japa should be done with "surabhila vadana" 
ie., the upAsaka should not have "mukha-durgandha" at the time of japa.  
It is a dosha to perform japa with bad breath which incurs the yOgini shApa.  
The pramANa is from tripurArNava tantra as:
japAdau mukha-durgandhO dEvatA shApamApnuyAt
atO durgandhanAshAya tAmbUlAdiva niSyatE 
(vide ref: tripurArNava tantra - 5th ullAsa - 6th sloka)
Another reason being, mantra siddhi is easily achieved if performed 
with ucchiSTa mukha.  For eg., ucchiSTa mAtangi, ucchiSTa gaNapati etc.
For ucchiSTa mAtangi, the tAmbula should be kept in the mouth and japa should
be done.  With the repetition of the mantra, the tAmbula rasa has the power to 
propitiate the dEvata.  As regards the ucchiSTa gaNapati, Sri Bhaskararaya Makhin
explained in his work *khadyOta* (a commentary on gaNapati sahasranAma) that
this form of gaNapati is worshipped and simultaneously eating mOdakAs (which is
So, these are the tAntric forms of worship and shiSTAchAris are not supposed to
do these.  
For us, the meaning should be taken as *ut-shiSTa* ie., the residue or the adhiSTAna tattva. 


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