[Advaita-l] What is Difference between Brahma and Sweetness ?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Feb 25 06:28:10 CST 2013

I can be satisfied with Vishaya Ananda and enjoy little things every day in my life
Exactly this was the point of discussion here in Hyderabad at Veda Sadas which was organized in Sringeri Shankar Mutt.  The sadas was presided by several eminent vedic scholars like Sri Kuppa Sivasubramanya Avadhani, Sri Chirravuri Srirama Sarma, Sri Gullapalli Anjaneya Ghanapati and other purva mimamsa and uttara mimamsa scholars. 
The point raised was can a person who has craving for vishaya sukhAs be imparted 
the principles of vedanta.  The conclusion by Anjaneya Ghanapati was *No*. 
For the person who is interested in vishaya sukha and who has craving for sensual / worldly pleasures, for them, karma kANDa has an answer and advices to enjoy the 
sensual & worldly pleasures as per the vidhi & nishedha of shruti and lead a *dhArmic* life. Artha & Kama, should be craved by hooking one's mind to dharma.  And the objective of grihasthAshrama is to enjoy these as per the compliances of dharma shAstra and veda. 
At one point of time, with the enjoyment of vishayAs, one is bound to get sick of enjoying these worldy pleasures. Then the process of introspection starts that how long this tuccha indriya sukhAs.  
Once this introspection gets ignited, only then the ambrosia of vedanta should be imparted to such a thirsty person.  

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