[Advaita-l] What is Difference between Brahma and Sweetness ?

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If one is satisfied with happiness that is time bound and it is one's
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> //
> I can be satisfied with Vishaya Ananda and enjoy little things every day
> in my life
> //
> Exactly this was the point of discussion here in Hyderabad at Veda Sadas
> which was organized in Sringeri Shankar Mutt.  The sadas was presided by
> several eminent vedic scholars like Sri Kuppa Sivasubramanya Avadhani, Sri
> Chirravuri Srirama Sarma, Sri Gullapalli Anjaneya Ghanapati and other purva
> mimamsa and uttara mimamsa scholars.
> The point raised was can a person who has craving for vishaya sukhAs be
> imparted
> the principles of vedanta.  The conclusion by Anjaneya Ghanapati was *No*.
> For the person who is interested in vishaya sukha and who has craving for
> sensual / worldly pleasures, for them, karma kANDa has an answer and
> advices to enjoy the
> sensual & worldly pleasures as per the vidhi & nishedha of shruti and lead
> a *dhArmic* life. Artha & Kama, should be craved by hooking one's mind to
> dharma.  And the objective of grihasthAshrama is to enjoy these as per the
> compliances of dharma shAstra and veda.
> At one point of time, with the enjoyment of vishayAs, one is bound to get
> sick of enjoying these worldy pleasures. Then the process of introspection
> starts that how long this tuccha indriya sukhAs.
> Once this introspection gets ignited, only then the ambrosia of vedanta
> should be imparted to such a thirsty person.
> regs,
> sriram
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