[Advaita-l] Advaita and Bauddha Dharma

Daniel dnllce at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 27 12:00:04 CST 2013

Could (or would) anybody answer Venkatesh Murthy’question regarding
Advaita and Bauddha Dharma ? By the way Venkatesh did you speak about the Buddha
(Siddharta Gotama) or about another Bauddha ?
I’m living in Western Europe I must say the
difficulties to be close to Advaita traditional rules ; most of teachers come
from USA and claim to act as Neo Advaitins, just after having read a book or
spend a couple of weeks in an ashram ; so according to you wich place is it
possible to give to their thoughs and roles ?
What could you suggest to adapt traditions and original teachings for European students ? And wich place to give to Dennis Waite being supposed the best specialist in Advaita ?
To me Indiaremains in any case the place of birth of the original Advaita Vedanta, your topics confirm each day. 
Dhani L.

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