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> PraNAms to all
> We have completed last weekend the Kathopanishad. In the last
> class on Panchadasi text we have covered slokas 64-69 of Ch. II. The
> recordings
> are available at the website given below.
> We are going to cover and complete
> the Atmabodha text today and tomorrow from 3:00PM-4:00PM EST. After that
> there will
> be two months break and we will resume the classes taking different texts
> starting from April.
> In the Panchadasi
> text Shree Vidyaranya provided an elaborate description about maayaa. The
> salient points to remember are:
> 1. maayaa is
> parameswara shakti or potential power that rests on a locus – the locus
> being
> Iswara - in essence  pure sat chit ananda swaruupam.
> 2. It – as though-
> occupies only part of Brahman while Brahman being part-less.
> 3. This is not
> a contradiction but involves transcendence since mayaa is of lower order of
> reality compare to Brahman. It is like sleeping in a pitch dark room yet
> dreaming a bright sunny day in the dream. The dream sunlight is not
> contradictory
> to the pitch dark room that I am sleeping since the order of reality for
> both
> is different.
> 4. Hence maayaa
> comes neither under category of sat nor asat. That is it is mithyaa – sat
> asat
> vilakshaNam. The presence of force is evident from the effects since any
> change
> of state involves a driving force. Apparent creation involves apparent
> change
> of state, requiring apparent forces which is maayaa. Mayaa is therefore
> yaa maa
> saa maayaa – that which appears to be there but not really there from the
> absolute point.  However for those who take the apparent as real, it
> appears are real just as for a dremer the bright sunlight is real.
> 5. mayya occupies
> only part of Brahman - this aspect comes from Shruti pramANa – Vidyaranya
> quotes purushasuuktam
> and B.Geeta 10-42 in support.
> 6. In the order
> of creation is, from aatma by maayaa the space is created. Space,
> Vidyaranya
> defines as that which accommodates – that which provides avakaaSham.
> However, as
> discussed in the beginning of the chapter, space has the property of
> shabda as
> one can spatially locate an object by hearing a sound.
> 7. The
> existence of the space is supported by the pure existence which is
> independent.
> Space IS when we say, the Is-ness comes from space. For this scripture is
> pramANa since it says (Tai. Up) from aatma space is created –
> aatmaanamaakaashaH
> sambhuutaH.. Hence sat – the pure existence which was there before
> creation is
> the material cause for space since scripture says – it became many –
> prajaayeyeti – becoming involves material cause just as gold became many
> ornaments. Hence being material cause the essence of space is SAT only.
> 8. However sat
> or pure existence being imperceptible, we only cognize (or recognize)
> space as
> we perceive as a gap between two points observed simultaneously. We say
> space
> is  or space exists.
> 9. Just as when
> we say Ring is or bangle is – we are paying more attention to the name and
> form
> (attributes) than the substantive (gold), we are paying attention to the
> superimposed
> name and form as space is – ignoring the substantive – Is-ness of the
> space.
> This is true for all objects that we perceive – says Vidyaranya in the
> above
> slokas.
> 10. In essence
> we are paying attention to the superficial names and forms as real
> ignoring the
> substantive from which it came, by which it is sustained and into which it
> goes
> back – the pure existence that I am. In essence what is real we ignore and
> what
> apparent we give reality – This is the power of maayaa.
> Hence Krishna
> says ‘daiveem esha guNamayi mama maayaa duratyayaa|
> maam evaye
> prapadyante maayam etaam taranti te|
> This maayaa of mine is of divine origin and
> is difficult to cross unless one surrenders completely to Me. Surrender
> involves in essence giving up all wrong notions about the reality of the
> world
> and recognition of the fact that the world is only apparent and not real –
> Which
> Shankara says in capsule form – jagat mithyaa.
> Atmobodha
> slokas that we are going to take involve meditation versus to drop the
> wrong
> notions that are pointed above.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
> http://www.livestream.com/advaita_sadaji
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