[Advaita-l] trayI vidyA and atharva angirasa vidyA

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 00:37:15 CST 2013

Sharing some of my thoughts on this topic:
- Rk-s explain the tattva-s and their inter-relation in the context of 
  the vidyA. These are the basic texts of any science, art or skill.
- yajna is worship, or sAdhanA (efforts) for acquisition of the vidyA.
- Signing of Rk-s (sAma gAna) is perfecting the vidyA via practice 
  supplemented by re-reading the basic texts to see what was missed
  earlier or not understood earlier is now more clearer
These three steps are universally applicable to any skill or art (vidyA).
It seems internalization of the vidyA (anusandhAna) is a separate step 
- though it may seem related to the third step of perfecting the vidyA.
This probably is addressed by the atharva angirasa vidyA. chakra-s,
kuNDalini, and related topics would likely fall in the domain of
this internalization step.
By far the best anusandhAna of any vidyA is to use it as an element of
bhagavad bhakti. So bhagavad bhakti very likely is the simplest and
the best upAya (remedy/ solution/ technique) of artharva angirasa vidyA.
hari om.

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