[Advaita-l] On rationality; was "Vedas are not apauresheya according to the Vedas ?"

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Shruti based logic can be used only after the validity of shruti as pramana is established. Non-apprehension of author is one counter to the presumption of an author. It is challenged by showing a) listing of authors in sarvanukramani and b) vedas are full of real poets. 

So, anumana is required to establish apauresheya, which is what sabara, for e.g., did. 
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> Of course, yes. I'm not arguing that the logic used for establishing
> apauresheyatva cannot be countered. It will be and should be an ongoing
> business for the true vedantins  to re-establish it.

I look at the issue this way:  If it is 'mere' logic then there is no doubt
about the danger of its being unsettled by stronger logic.  But the case we
have is tarka that is shruti anugRhIta.  Such a tarka that has been coming
down to us has not been uprooted or unsettled.  And the sampradaya will not
see such a happening in the future too as the sampradaya is strong enough
on this ground.  Only if someone brings up arguments against the  prevalent
view by shruti-based logic there will arise a real debate.  In the absence
of it I see no need for any effort to re-establish it since there is no
de-establishment that has occurred.


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