[Advaita-l] Question on yajur Veda samhitā yagya

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> Rama wrote regarding samhitā homa: : Can someone tell me what it is and
> the source texts for the prayoga (if
> any)?

Thanks for the information. It's very useful.


> Sruti precedent:
> whatever you study you must practice by offering via Iṣṭi: yam yam kratum
> adhīte tena tenāsyeṣṭam bhavati
Is this from the introduction? You probably agree with me that this is at
best a very creative interpretation of this yajus passage. I wish the
author hadn't gone down this route. As is clear from the passages around it
as well as the bhAShyams of both sAyaNa and bhaTTa-bhAskara, this means
that *understanding* the procedure of the ritual and thinking/reciting
(about) the procedure gives the same result as doing the ritual itself.
Furthermore sAyaNa explains in his rg-veda bhAShya bhUmikA how this is not
at variance with jaiminis sUtra on knowing the procedure versus actual

> Bodhāyana Dharma Sutra:
> Yān siṣādhayiṣuh mantrān dvādhasāhāni tān japet
> Ghṛtena payasā dadhnā prāshyā nishyodanam sakṛt
> He who wishes to master the Veda should chant for 12 days
> Then eat cooked rice with ghee milk and curd in the night
> ṛgyajusāmavedānānām atharvāngirasām api
> dashāvaram tathā homah sarpiṣā savanatrayam
> Then with with all four Vedas one can perform homa with ghee 3 times a day
>  (not sure how this is physically possible)
> Then in Pārāsharya Smṛti:
> pāṭhayeyuh svakān vedān ṛgvedaprabhṛtīn shanaih
> dashāmshena tayo homah, grahashānti purah sarah
> One should study one's own Veda (ṛgveda etc) slowly (and carefully)
> And then offer homa in the style of navagraha homa,
> by reciting the mantra 10 times before offering svāhā
> (this can mean 10 people recite the mantra once and offer svāhā,
> or one person chants 10 times and offers svāhā like we do in navagraha
> homa)

These seem fine.

Thanks again!



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